What is The Whole Beast?

We are an artisan cured meat producer based in Victoria, BC, Canada.

When we opened, our aim was to address a need in the community for high quality hand crafted cured meats using traditional techniques and ethically raised heritage breed animals. With the growing awareness and demand for products from this segment of the food industry, we felt that Victoria was ready to embrace a business that specializes in nose to tail inspired meat products.

Our Story.

Back in late 2010 Chef Cory Pelan, Chef and GM of Ristorante La Piola in Victoria, had an epiphany with a pig one afternoon while debating on locations to open his own restaurant. He was in the kitchen working through a whole pig delivery, breaking it down and creating a variety of different products. This is when he realized that while he was in this zone it was the happiest he had been during his entire working life. That was when the inspiration struck to turn his passion into a full-time operation, tapping into his "meat nerd" side. Chef Cory had been practicing and experimenting with techniques for years, always searching for the best ingredients to service his customers. Instead of ordering sausages and cured meats from distributors and getting a product that he wasn't satisfied with, he began to make them himself, in house. He first started with fresh sausages and then moved into cured and fermented products and those products became part of the menu wherever he was cooking. During this time he built and fostered many long-term relationships with local farmers and suppliers, championing ethical and sustainable practices in the industry.

Coinciding with this new vision, a serendipitous opportunity to move into a shared space with the Village Butcher presented itself. With this move The Whole Beast Artisan Salumeria was born, opening it's doors June 28th, 2011




(250) 590-PORK (7675)



2032 Oak Bay Ave
Victoria, BC
V8R 1V4



T-S 9a–6p
Su 11a–4p
M Closed